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Article • February 25, 2016

Get VIP Access to Hotels, Airlines, and Brands

Get VIP access to top brands, amenities, and more with FoundersCard

SPONSORED || There are always those people. You know, the ones who seem to get alllllll the perks. We’re talkin’ the best hotel rooms, special airline privileges, the list goes on…

Yeah, those people are irksome. Except… when they’re you. So be one of them with FoundersCard.

FoundersCard is a community of 20,000+ leading entrepreneurs, innovators, and business professionals who enjoy access to the best brands in travel, lifestyle, and business.

Members get exclusive rates and privileges at 500 top hotels, including W Hotels, St. Regis, Park Hyatt, etc. Plus, VIP treatment and savings from brands like Apple, SoulCycle, Bliss Spa, Cole Haan, and more. And you get big-time Elite Status perks with leading travel brands such as Virgin Atlantic and Hilton.

Better yet: Netted readers get in at the preferred annual rate of $395 (compared to the standard fee of $795) by using promo code NETTEDVIP on your membership application.

Nice to be one of those people, eh?