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Video • March 25, 2016

5 Apps and Websites for Freelancers

Get hired for freelance work and work more efficiently with these 5 apps and services

Don’t hustle alone, and don’t work for free: Check out these apps and services to help you get hired and be a more productive, successful freelancer.

INTRO: Hi, I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: What did Dad always say? “Be home by midnight or you’re grounded,” oh and also, “be your own boss.” As a result, you’re punctual, allergic to cubicles, and working hard as a freelancer. Now we’ll give you some more advice: Whether you build websites or build furniture, there are plenty of tools to help you work independently.

PATREON: First rule of freelancing: Don’t work for free. Get on Patreon to spread the word about your project and find supporters who’ll pledge a monthly sum to finance it. It’s like Kickstarter meets the Renaissance. Or something like that.

HIRED.COM [Sponsor]: If you’re looking for a gig in tech, check out Hired.com, where thousands of companies compete for the best software engineers and designers. It’s free to use, you can view rates and requests up front, and if you accept a job, Hired.com handles your payment and gives you a $1000 bonus after your first 500 hours. Better yet, Netted readers are eligible for a double bonus if you sign up through the link below.

JELL: You’re not the only digital nomad, and chances are you work with a team spread around the globe. If so, get daily updates on everyone’s progress with Jell, so you’ll know if Jerry in Sydney is actually writing code or just spending all day at the beach.

WORK HARD ANYWHERE: One benefit of freelancing is you never set foot in an office. The drawback is that you still have to find a place to work. Download Work Hard Anywhere to see which cafes near you have the best WiFi, the most outlets, and the comfiest chairs for you to work in.

DING: And let’s be honest, “working” for you involves a few Netflix breaks here and there, so track your progress with Ding, a website and app that organizes your projects and the time you spend on them.

Now go make your father proud!

OUTRO: I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.