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Article • May 10, 2016

Rebook a Canceled Flight On-Demand

Instantly book a new flight on Freebird when yours gets canceled

Trip insurance—it’s one of those annoying pages you skip over when booking a flight, right?

Here’s insurance you shouldn’t skip: Freebird. It’s a service that lets you instantly book a new flight if yours gets canceled, without having to deal with the airline.

Insurance with Freebird costs $19 for one-way trips; $34 for roundtrips. For that, Freebird texts you if your flight gets canceled, and you can tap a link, choose a new flight, and book with another tap. Your personal info shows up automatically, and the new flight is free.

You also keep your old ticket, so you can haggle with your airline for a refund.

Relax, your vacation is saved.