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Video • June 3, 2016

Meet People Near You with an App

See who's around you and meet the people you pass every day with Happn

SPONSORED || Turn a missed encounter into a first date: See who’s around you and meet the people you cross paths with every day on this app.

INTRO: It’s the classic meet-cute: You’re walking down the street, happily eating a three cheese breakfast burrito, when the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen walks past you also eating a breakfast burrito. Honestly, I see only two problems with this situation:

  1. There’s enough Cholula on your shirt to kill a raccoon.
  2. You didn’t actually meet.

HAPPN: So get on Happn. Like, immediately, because your love life depends on it. Here’s the deal: Happn is an app that tells you when you’ve crossed paths with another user, and shows you their profile. “Heart” someone and get notified if you match, or “Charm” them to let them know you’re interested.

If they like you too, they can start chatting with you. Or, the See You There feature lets you see what other users are up for doing, and join them to hang out.

OUTRO: Once that happens, you know exactly where things are headed: Straight to the burrito truck.

CLOSE: And that’s your Cheat Code. Later nerds!