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Article • June 28, 2017

Get Detailed Guides and Hiking Maps on Your Phone

Download offline trail maps, read trail reviews, and more with Hiking Project

Hiking—great if you know where you’re going, not so great if you don’t.

Hiking Project (iOS and Android) will keep you on the right side of that divide. From discovering new trails to finding your way, it’s a comprehensive app for outdoor wanderers of all skill levels.

Get started by searching for a trail or searching by location to see a list of nearby hikes. Pick one to view a topographical map, browse photos, read an overview, and get elevation info and other details. Then download it—for free—to keep all that information with you as you head into the wilderness. No cell service required.

You can also sign up for an account to check in at trails, leave reviews, and even help expand Hiking Project’s database by writing trail descriptions for hikes you’ve completed.

Congrats! You are officially wilderness-ready.