Add a Suite of Features to Your Inbox with Alto - Netted
Article • July 26, 2017

Add a Suite of Features to Your Inbox with Alto

Swipe between email accounts, quickly find important messages, and more with the Alto app

Note: Alto is shutting down, but check out Astro for another great email app with even more features.

Sometimes finding an email in your inbox feels like being lost in a jungle.

Not fun.

Alto will help. It’s an email app that makes it super easy to manage multiple email accounts and tame all your inboxes.

Alto packs in a ton of features. We love that you can move between accounts with a swipe, and its high-powered sorting is impressive: It automatically places messages into Stacks (like Shopping, Travel, etc.) based on their content, and even has Stacks for files and photos, so you can view all your attachments in one place.

It also goes beyond the inbox: Tap the Dashboard button to view “cards” that autofill with travel itineraries, receipts, reservations, and calendar events at a glance. Plus, you can snooze emails for later, and it automatically imports folders or labels you’ve made in your old email client.

Looks like you’ve found your way.