Grab - Airport Food Ordering App | Netted
Article • September 27, 2017

Navigate Terminals and Order Food Ahead of Time With This Airport App

Grab is your guide to airports around the US and beyond

What’s worse?

A. Being trapped in a room full of tarantulas.
B. Spending two hours in an airport.

Did you answer B? Try Grab, an app that’s like Google Maps + Yelp for airports.

For starters, you’ll never get lost. Grab has detailed terminal maps for airports across the US and beyond, and shows everything from charging stations and restrooms to where you can get a Toblerone bar the size of your leg. Select a destination and you’ll get in-terminal walking directions to wherever you need to go.

Better yet, Grab lets you order food in over 20 airports (and counting). Search for food you want, pick a restaurant and order, and skip the line at the counter.

Spiders? No thanks. We’ll take an afternoon in the departure lounge.