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Article • November 1, 2017

Create Shareable Maps of All Your Favorite Places

Save all your favorite spots and share custom maps with friends on Mapstr

Cecilia knows every underground music venue in town. Tim has a nose for coffee shops. And you? You’re the one always asking for recommendations.

Mapstr will put you in the know. It’s an app for creating a custom map of your favorite places and sharing them with friends.

Start by searching for spots you like—restaurants, stores, concert venues, whatever you’re into. Add them to your map and organize them by creating tags and tagging each entry. Each place becomes a color-coded pin on your map, and the pins auto-populate with images, the location’s website, and more info.

But Mapstr really gets good with friends. Connect with others to see their pins, and add them to your map with a quick tap—no more pestering people for recommendations. Then just choose a pin and tap to get directions or call an Uber. Tired of looking at the map? Select the list view instead.

Look who’s the expert now.