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Article • December 6, 2017

Meditate and Track Your Progress With This App

Aura is a handy app for 3-minute guided meditations

The holidays are coming up. Are you stressed out yet?

This year, give yourself the gift of calmness with Aura, a full-featured meditation app that serves up daily meditations customized for you.

There are many similar apps out there, but this one stands out for its range of helpful features. Answer a prompt to start, and Aura analyzes your mood to suggest meditations. It also encourages the development of a mindfulness practice by automatically tracking your progress and your mood over time, and it lets you set up reminders to meditate as well.

It’s no gimmick, either. The daily 3-minute meditations are straightforward and not overdone with music or noise. Plus, you can follow channels around specific kinds of mindfulness for more tailored suggestions. The free tier comes with one 3-minute meditation each day, but for just $7.99 per month, you can unlock more sessions and longer ones as well.

Time to unwrap a stress-free holiday.