Sail Through U.S. Customs - Netted
Article • June 5, 2018

Sail Through U.S. Customs

Avoid Border Protection lines at 25 airports with Mobile Passport

Christina flaunts her TSA Pre-Check status. Deon glides to Global Entry kiosks. Meanwhile, you’re trapped in a U.S. Customs line that wraps around the airport and into Hell.

Upgrade your travel style with Mobile Passport, an app for speeding through U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 25 airports.

First, set up your profile—name, birth date, whatever else—with information as it appears on your passport. Answer a few questions about your trip and once at your port of entry, submit the data. You’ll receive a valid-for-four-hours barcoded receipt. Don’t fret about security: All data entered into the app is encrypted and only shared with CBP.

Now the real fun: Find the speedy Mobile Passport Control line, show your passport, scan your barcode, and boom! Welcome home.

Don’t forget to wave to Deon on the way out.