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Article • August 9, 2018

Sell Your Items The Smart Way With This App

Letgo auto-estimates your item’s value to sell on its marketplace.

Selling your old sofa: quick and easy, right? Mm, not quite.

But it can be—with Letgo. It’s an online marketplace to buy and sell anything locally.

At first, Letgo looks like other e-commerce platforms: You browse stuff for sale near you and chat with potential sellers, or post your own items. Everything from furniture to electronics to cars are available to purchase.

But unlike other marketplaces, Letgo gives you the option to price your items using image-recognition technology. Snap a photo of what you’re selling, and the app builds you a listing with an estimated price, category, and title. Post your things, and negotiate with buyers through the app without having to hand out your phone number.

Ready to ditch the sofa? Get Letgo, and get paid.