Score the Best Hotel Deals with Hopper - Netted
Article • June 26, 2019

Score the Best Hotel Deals with Hopper

Hopper uses AI to predict airfare prices—and now hotel prices too!

Globehoppers, summer’s officially here! Whether you travel in style or in shambles, travel app Hopper is a staple for anyone looking for reasonable airfares and the best time to fly.

And now, it’s better than ever—with brand new features that allow Hopper to dynamically track hotels, too!

As it does for flights, Hopper uses AI to keep track of hotel prices throughout the year, in order to tell you when to book that room for the best rates. And it’s getting smarter by the day: Hopper has already started tracking over 270,000 hotels in more than 200 countries.

Have a 5-star experience on a 3-star budget this summer with Hopper… and check out a few more picks to help you maximize your summer travel.