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Guide • March 4, 2013

Get Organized Guide

Seven tech gadgets to neaten up
  • Wrapster

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    You put away your earbuds neatly coiled only to pull out a handful of tossed spaghetti. Every. Time. Fix that with Wrapster, an effortless headphone organizer that even doubles as an iPhone stand.

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  • OCDock

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    Even though computers have ditched most wires, we neat-freaks still find phone chargers onerous. The OCDOCK’s paper-thin wire runs under your screen base (genius) and the stand clips on the front.

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  • LaCie CloudBox

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    Many digital-stuff-managing options exist. None are simpler than this white box. With one plug and one click, it makes all your music, movies, photos, and files accessible on all your devices.

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  • Whooz

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    Action! “Is that your charger?” “No, mine’s the white one. What’s yours look like?” “A bespectacled Mr. T.” Aaand scene! Buy Whooz’s funky charger stickers; they’ll make your swag uniquely identifiable.

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  • Ace Hotel Shoulder Case

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    Ace Hotel lobbies are frequented by the startup types whose work we cover daily. Its signature shoulder bag – with sleeves for laptops, tablets, and sundry cables – will make you look like one of them.

  • Doxie One

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    In your house there’s a scary stack of papers full of stuff you wish you could toss. Thanks to the Doxie One – a portable wireless scanner that stores files in the cloud – it’ll soon be composting.