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Guide • February 16, 2016

Ultimate Guide to Los Angeles

Explore LA with these 21 apps and services for going out, getting around, and enjoying the City of Angels
  • 1. 5 Every Day

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    Movie premieres, swanky parties, volcanic eruptions—there’s a lot happening in LA. 5 Every Day will sift through all those goings on and deliver you a list of 5 cool things to check out in LA every day of the week. Browse your options, from outdoor activities to dining and the arts, and even purchase tickets in-app.

    For weekly things to do in LA’s world of design and architecture, go to kcrw.com/dna.

  • 2. Driverly

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    Driving is a big part of living in LA. And did you know over half who took last year’s California driving knowledge test failed? Ensure you only have to visit the DMV once with California test prep app Driverly. Study, take practice exams, and review your trouble spots.

    For more on LA traffic go to kcrw.com/shortcuts.

  • 3. Skurt

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    Showing up in LA without a car is like going to the beach without a bathing suit. Renting a car with Skurt, then, is like showing up at the beach like this. Choose your car and book it in the app, and they’ll deliver it to you—no lines, no paperwork, no social anxiety.

    As you navigate LA, get the insider’s take at kcrw.com/laobserved.

  • 4. Santa Monica Bike Share

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    Are you really going to drive from Santa Monica Pier to get lunch seven blocks away?  Hilarious. Better plan: If you can ride, download the Santa Monica Bike Share app to find bike hubs near you, and cruise around town on two wheels.

    For stories on all things bikes, bike lanes and more, go to kcrw.com.

  • 5. KCRW VR

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    Be a part of KCRW‘s intimate in-studio performances, virtually just steps away from the cutting-edge musicians that matter! Go beyond the front row seat and get a 360º view in the middle of it all. Be sure to get your KCRW Cardboard headset for the ultimate immersive experience.

    For more news and information on all things KCRW, visit KCRW.com

  • 6. Velocity

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    If you’re a Mafia don, you eat for free and never touch a check. For the rest of us, there’s Velocity: Like Venmo for fine dining, it lets you make reservations and pay for meals at the hottest restaurants around LA (and beyond) from your phone. That means you can knock back a few with your dinner and not have to worry about calculating a tip, or using a pen, afterward. Bada-bing, Bada-boom.

    For recommendations from LA’s Pulitzer Prize winning food critic, click here.

  • 7. AllTrails

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    Besides humblebragging about memorizing In-N-Out Burger’s secret menu, hiking tops the list of favorite LA pastimes. Explore the city’s best trails with AllTrails. Check out reviews and photos, get detailed maps, and learn specifics, like parking tips and which trails are dog-friendly.

    Listen to compelling stories while you hike. Go to kcrw.com/podcasts.

  • 8. GOOD Magazine

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    Los Angeles isn’t as self-involved as the outside world would have you believe. Many Angelenos are hard at work solving big issues, including the folks at GOOD Magazine. Launched in 2006, GOOD profiles the people and ideas pushing the world forward, and they bring together people for local events and actions at home in LA. Check out The Daily GOOD newsletter for, well, a daily dose of goodness, or subscribe to GOOD’s quarterly journal to get inspired. And if you’re ready to go even deeper into the local scene of change makers, dig into LA2050, an initiative from one of GOOD’s founders to drive and track progress towards a shared vision for the future of LA.

  • 9. OhmConnect

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    Support clean energy and get paid for it with OhmConnect. Connect your utility info and let OhmConnect send you notifications to reduce your consumption when the power grid is reaching peak usage. This way, you prevent the grid from tapping into unsustainable resources and get $100-$300/year just for doing so.

    For energy stories, policy, and more go to kcrw.com.

  • 10. Roomi

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    Maybe you’re visiting Los Angeles, and somewhere between catching the sunset from Griffith Observatory and bumping into Leonardo DiCaprio at Starbucks, it dawns on you: You belong in LA. Roomi will help you make the move—browse available rooms and chat with potential roommates. No, Leo will not be one of them.

    Settle in and click here to catch up with the issues LA cares about.

  • 11. The Broad

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    The long-awaited contemporary art museum finally opened its doors last fall, and it did not disappoint. But if you haven’t yet had the chance to browse the amazing collection, you can still enjoy daily inspiration from The Broad’s excellent Instagram account, full of Cindy Sherman and Yayoi Kusama goodness.

    And when you do visit, be sure to download their app for a top notch museum experience. Oh, and did we mention The Broad is FREE?

  • 12. Parking Panda

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    We can think of more enjoyable things to do in the City of Angels than driving around in circles searching for parking. Download Parking Panda to see thousands of available parking spots, view prices, and reserve a space ahead of time. That means more time hiking Runyon Canyon and less treating stress headaches.

    For stories on parking and more, go here.

  • 13. Our Malibu Beaches

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    Disaster: You lugged your towel, umbrella, and a cooler full of Coronas down to the beach, only to discover that the entire population of LA got there before you. Now what? Find your own secret spot in the sand with Our Malibu Beaches, an app that shows you how to access the best beaches along the Malibu coast.

    For a fresh take on topics from surfing to silicon beach, go to kcrw.com/pressplay.

  • 14. One Night Standard

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    Fly by the seat of your pants. Go with where the night takes you—whatever your motto, don’t overpay for your last minute hotel booking. Download The Standard Hotel’s One Night Standard app and book deeply discounted day-of reservations at the Downtown and Hollywood locations. Go make a night of it!

    Check in and find something to do at kcrw.com/events.

  • 15. Open Listings

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    Making the move to LA? Or maybe you’re upgrading from renter to owner. Either way, purchasing a home should be simpler in 2016. Shop for a new West Coast abode with Open Listings, a site that acts as your real estate agent (and saves you thousands in fees). Let their experts arrange showings, get your paperwork and inspections in order, and purchase that cute craftsman home from your laptop.

    For more on LA’s neighborhoods, go to KCRW’s DnA blog.

  • 16. Roaming Hunger

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    It’s lunchtime and you’ve got the munchies. Skip The Ivy and discover the best food trucks in LA with Roaming Hunger. See real-time locations, schedules, menus, and updates from vendors. Even book food truck catering for your next event. Jon Favreau would be into this. #KoreanBBQ

    For more on the food truck scene, go to KCRW’s Good Food blog.  

  • 17. WaiveCar

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    Living eco-friendly is increasingly easy and affordable. And with car sharing service WaiveCar, when we say “affordable” we mean free. WaiveCar is LA’s 100% electric and free car sharing service, supported by advertisements on the outside of its vehicles. Locate a car and unlock through the app.

    For more on LA traffic go to kcrw.com/shortcuts.

  • 18. Transit

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    Contrary to popular belief, there is public transportation in Los Angeles, and Transit will help you use it. Type in your destination to see what trains and buses will get you where you need to be, along with their departure times. Better yet, it’ll also help you request an Uber or find a bikeshare, so you can have all your transport options right at your fingertips.

    Need something good to listen to in-transit? Check out KCRW’s podcasts.

  • 19. Wag!

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    Just a heads up: Your dog has been stuck in your house since 7, and is currently chewing on your sofa. Make sure Fido gets his exercise with Wag!, an on-demand dog walking service that connects you with certified dog walkers in your neighborhood. Choose a long or short walk and select a dog walker, and they’ll head over to your place to give your pal some fresh air. Netted readers get their first walk free with code: netted (Code expired!).

    To meet one of the 4,376 dogs named Max, go to Dogs of LA.

  • 20. Waze

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    They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. We’d also add traffic in LA to that list, and if you want to find the best way around it, get Waze. It’s popular around the world, but indispensable here: The app aggregates reports from other drivers to find the best route to your destination. You? Stuck in a traffic jam? Don’t think so.

    For more on LA traffic go to kcrw.com/shortcuts.

  • 21. Handstand

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    There’s paparazzi everywhere in LA, and the last thing you want is your double chin showing up in People. Even if you’re not a celeb, you can still get a five star workout with an on-demand personal trainer from Handstand. Yoga, pilates, boxing—whatever you’re into, a trainer will come to you for a personalized workout at a very healthy price.

    Find the right workout music for you at KCRW’s E24.

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