New Years Resolutions 2014 - Netted
Guide • January 2, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

10 apps to help make your resolution a reality
  • Learn to Cook

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    Last year’s dinner guests sheepishly gave thumbs up while gulping water and spitting bites into napkins. In 2014, these beginner-level guided cooking lessons will make you a regular Julia Child.

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  • Drink More Water

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    Eight glasses of water a day seems like a veritable tsunami to folks seeking optimal hydration. But this iOS app makes it easy to track your aqua intake and nudge you toward higher water marks.

  • Find a Job

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    Old Johnny Paycheck said it best. But before you walk out that door, use this site to find a job that jibes with your personality archetype. Go from “take this job and shove it” to “take this job and love it.”

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  • See the World

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    In 2013 you resolved to travel more, but by June your passport hadn’t made it past Chipotle. Become an effortless globetrotter with this app, which auto-generates worldwide travel guides and itineraries.

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  • Get Divorced

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    “Out with the old, in the with the new,” as they say. With this site you can finally finalize that divorce amicably and out of court. Its unique five-step process tackles the tough questions and generates the necessary paperwork. They won’t pawn the ring for you, though.

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  • Complete Your Resolutions

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    Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: The best resolution is to actually resolve your resolutions. This organizational iPhone app helps set goals, identify the steps to success, track your progress, and then actually make them happen.

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  • Thrift Your Old Clothes

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    It wasn’t until your closet got so full you couldn’t open it without being buried that you realized you need this online thrift site. Get rid of your old duds just by taking and posting a photo and maybe pick up a few new things to wear in the new year.

  • Get a Date

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    Wishing for a new fling might work in a Selena song, but in real life you’ll need to get out there and meet somebody. Avoid strangers and creeps by using this dating service that plugs into your social networks to find single friends or friends that share your sensibilities.

  • Find a Roommate

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    A New Year’s Resolution: save money. Okay, now how do you do that? Try finding another roommate for your apartment with this cohabitation marketplace. Sort through candidates and match with a not-crazy person who will lighten that rent check load.

  • Pay Off Student Debt

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    Resolving your student loan situation is less a resolution than it is a deal with the devil. Let this free student loan management site be the angel on your shoulder. Its financial management tools will help you visualize and get out of debt faster than you can say “A Masters in Ethnomusicology.”

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