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Guide • September 20, 2017

Staff Picks: Niantic

The makers of Pokemon GO share their picks for great apps
  • Feedly

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    Chris Dong
    DevOps Engineer
    Favorite AppFeedly

    “I have a long commute into the office, so I need something to keep myself entertained. When I burn through the more serious world news and need-to-know tech info in my Google Now feed, I turn to Feedly for fun, hand-selected feeds from my favorite blogs and sites. I love that you can go back as far as the first story from a site and that it’s easy to view the full site without having to leave the app.”

  • theSkimm

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    Yennie Solheim Fuller
    Civic & Social Impact Manager
    Favorite ApptheSkimm

    “I have very limited time every day, so I use theSkimm to stay informed on ‘must know’ news as soon as I wake up every morning. I usually read it to my toddler while she’s drinking milk so that we can spend some time together and I can catch up on current events.”

  • Zombies, Run!

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    Archit Bhargava
    Global Product Marketing Lead
    Favorite App: Zombies, Run!

    “I recently started using Zombies, Run! and I’m hooked. I usually run 2-3 times a week and always listened to music from movie trailers or soundtracks. With Zombies, Run!, I now have a story layered on top of the music with fun stuff to do, like take detours, run faster to get away from zombies, and pretend I’m a badass saving the world. I push myself a bit harder and end up getting a good workout. Highly recommend it!”

  • ESPN Mobile

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    Mike Quigley
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Favorite App: ESPN

    “The place where I live (San Francisco) and the place where I grew up (Seattle area) are completely different, so I don’t get easy access to local sports news for all of my favorite teams the way that I would if I still lived near my hometown. The ESPN app’s personalized features make it easy to track all of my favorite teams (i.e. Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Washington Huskies, etc.) and stay up to date on scores, highlights, standings, and team and player news. The curation is smart and the user interface is intuitive. Thank you, ESPN!”

  • Enter The Webbys!

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    Speaking of favorite apps and websites, are you working on something great online? Now’s your chance to join the best of the Internet (including past Webby Winners like Niantic): Enter the 22nd Annual Webby Awards today!