Summer Product Guide 2012 - Netted
Guide • June 14, 2012

Summer Product Guide 2012

Spending time outside? Take these 20 things with you. Preferably not all at once.
  • Liquipel

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    The great outdoors usually means water: pools, beaches, lakes, and so on. This nano-coating bonds to your smartphone on a molecular level to protect it against moisture without adding bulk.

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  • Polaroid GL10 Mobile Printer

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    Sunlight is the most flattering light. Hence the desire to print those picnic photos on the spot. This portable battery-powered printer syncs via Bluetooth to print off photos wherever you are.

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  • Mophie Juice Pack Air

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    Your iPhone needs a case. Also, more battery life for long days spent enjoying the fresh air. Well, here’s a case that doubles your battery life. Pretty simple.

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  • Etón Rukus Solar

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    Being outside does present some problems. Namely, a lack of plugs. The solar-powered Rukus can stream tunes from Bluetooth devices or via the low-tech aux-in jack. Bonus: There’s a USB output to charge most phones.

  • Amplifiear

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    Who needs a projector when you have an iPad and this brilliantly simple speaker enhancer?

  • Fitbit Aria

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    Summer is diet season (we didn’t write the rules). Luckily, this smart scale can help. It syncs with your phone to keep track of your BMI, body fat percentage, weight loss progress, and more.

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  • Levi's 511 Commuter Pants

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    Ride your bike to work? You should, preferably while wearing these. They’re water resistant, dirt and odor repellant, and designed for movement with stretch fabric, reflective tape, and a U-Lock pocket.

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  • Bookman Bicycle Light Set

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    Speaking of biking, let’s stay safe out there. These low-energy LED lights loop anywhere on your bike frame and ensure you are noticed with three different lighting modes.

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  • Open Garden App

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    You might be tempted to work outside. That’s OK. This Android app shares your phone’s Internet connection with your laptop or tablet for online access everywhere.

  • Intoxicase Plus

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    A heavy-duty iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener. And an app that tracks how many brews you’ve opened. If there is a line between juvenile and delightful, this walks it just fine.

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  • Klipsch Image S4 In-Ear Headphones

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    Going for a walk. Lying on the beach. Napping in a hammock. All are better done with music. These lightweight earbuds are as comfortable as they are powerful.

  • City Boy Picnic Grill

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    It’s probably the only grill unintentionally designed to match your new MacBook. It’s also travel sized, gas powered, and controlled with just a knob.

  • Aquabox

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    Liquipel is great for everyday accidents, but for underwater photography you’ll need a case that’s airtight yet capable of relaying your touch to the screen. Like this one.

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  • Diesel Matte Watches

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    The warm-weather adventurer needs a watch that can keep up. These sleek timepieces are covered in the same ceramic coating used to protect tanks – so if you break it, you shot it.

  • Friendly Robotics RL850 RoboMower

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    Mowing the lawn is a summer ritual. Our new suggested ritual? Sipping an Arnold Palmer while watching RoboMower cut your grass.

  • Gin and Titonic Tray

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    Just because your ice cubes are shaped like miniature icebergs and Titanics, doesn’t mean your cocktails should be massive. Netted summer endorsement: moderation.

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  • Lighted Poolside Chair

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    The hardest part about outdoor dinner parties isn’t so much musical chairs as much as where the chair is in the first place. Now you’ll always be able to find yours.

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  • Tascam iM2

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    Weird things happen at summer parties. Sometimes, sing-alongs. This portable recording device plugs into your iPhone to capture full, crisp sound in a nonintrusive fashion.

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  • Black+Blum Hot-Pot BBQ

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    Some people can have backyard barbecues, but for people with a balcony instead of a yard, there’s finally a green solution.

  • Adidas CLIMACOOL Seduction Shoes

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    Unearthed your running shoes only to discover they smell like swiss cheese? These hi-tech shoes have way more holes to keep smells out and your feet cool and comfortable.