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Article • March 30, 2010

Read Top Consumer Reviews and Shop the Best Products

Consumer Search is the best free consumer goods review site on earth

Finding opinions about consumer goods on the Internet is easy. The problem is there’s too much noise and not enough guidance.

Enter Consumer Search, an service that collects, analyzes and verifies expert and user reviews of thousands of consumer products, across dozens of categories (electronics, health & beauty, home appliances, etc.).

While the site doesn’t review products, they do have a team of editors who curate and organize reviews from a variety of sources, including major publications and sites like Amazon and Epinions.

More importantly, they rank them and create digestible, well-designed lists, providing de facto recommendations.

To start you click on one of their category tabs and then pick a given product (you can also search). They’ll show you the top 3 to 10 best-reviewed items (certain products have more choices than others) with a brief description, along with a summary of the user and expert reviews for each one.

Click on a particular item and you’re taken to a page that displays pros and cons and the site’s editorial analysis, which is their “review of the reviews.”

When you’re ready to purchase, the “where to buy” button will show you a list of retailers and their various prices.

Don’t go shopping without it.