Face Time - Netted
Article • June 8, 2010

Face Time

Automatically Tag All Your Facebook Photos

Tagging photos on Facebook is time consuming.  And then, of course, there are all those untagged photos that you don’t even know are out there.

Enter Face.com, a powerful facial recognition tool that uses imaging technology to identify faces in a photo, allowing you to tag en masse.

Their PhotoTagger and Photo Finder apps help you organize your Facebook photos, while Celebrity Findr searches Twitter for otherwise hard-to-find photos of celebrities. (Gotcha, Conan).

Open up Photo Tagger and you’ll be taken into your Facebook account. When you click on a photo album, Face.com automatically scans it for untagged pictures with faces that match those in already-tagged photos (anywhere on the FB site, not just your profile).

Review the results, mark the photos you want Face to label, and click on Approve All to tag the entire album.  (The app will prompt others who are tagged as well, to seek their approval).

Because it groups multiple shots together, it tags the photos in a matter of seconds.

And, yes, it’ll even tag photos taken in low light, as well as pictures where a person isn’t directly facing the camera.

The app also features something called “Face Alert,” which tells you when new public photos of you or you friends are uploaded to the site.  In the event that you don’t want to tag a photo, this will let you know that there are bad photos of you out there.

Getting your friends to remove them is another story (there’s no app for that, but bribing them may work).