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Article • August 9, 2010

Personal Trainer

Perfect Your Game With The Input Of A Seasoned Coach

It’s that time of year again: your softball league finals or golf club championship is coming up, and you need a way to ensure victory.

Give yourself a leg up with iCoach, a site that allows you to upload videos of yourself so a seasoned pro can give you expert pointers.

Start by creating a free account and select the sports where you need coaching. Everything is covered, from baseball to mixed martial arts. You can even specify which position you play for certain sports.

From there you upload videos of yourself in action.  Then you schedule an appointment with an expert where your videos are assessed and critiqued (multiple viewers are also allowed, so your entire team can get involved).

If you’re a pro looking to give some advice, sign up as a coach and start scheduling sessions (it’s pro bono for now, but iCoach plans to make it easy for students to pay their coaches soon).

Unwieldy dust-collecting trophy not included.