Give Wisely - Netted
Article • September 8, 2010

Give Wisely

The Instant Way To Send Gifts (And Look Like A Hero)

It’s your best friend’s birthday tomorrow and you know exactly what to get them. One problem: You’re three thousand miles away and have no time to mail something.

Enter Giiv, an online gift-giving service that allows you to virtually send gifts (or “giifts,” in their parlance), via text message.

Start by visiting the Giiv website and choosing a retailer or selecting a gift category. Their offerings are broad, ranging from “food and beverage” (think two-dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts) to “shoes and clothing” (gift cards to Macy’s).

Once you’ve found the perfect gift, simply select it and enter the cell phone number of the recipient. Once you’ve purchased the item, the recipient will instantly receive a text message with a gift code to redeem it in a physical store or via the store’s webiste (depending on the gift).

The service is completely free to use, but Giiv does charge a small service fee for some items.

Finally, a way for a cell phone to make you a hero.

Special Offer For Netted Subscribers
Giiv is offering the first 500 Netted subscribers a 20% discount on all “giifts” site-wide.  Enter the code NETTED20 at checkout.  The offer will be valid for two weeks.