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Article • December 10, 2010

Match Your Favorite People to the Best Books

Give the gift of reading with Just the Right Book

While it would never happen to you, some people wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping.

For a gift that’ll make ‘em think, try Just The Right Book, a customized book of the month service that finds the right titles, based on your recipient’s tastes and interests.

First, select the age range of your recipient (they have a series for kids, teens and adults).

Next choose the type of book (hard or soft cover) and the frequency.

They have quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly offerings, with prices starting at $90 for the quarterly paperback series. (As a special offer, Netted readers can get free shipping).

What makes the service so unique is the next part, where you’ll describe your recipient’s reading preferences (hint: knowing some of their favorite authors, titles and tv shows will come in handy here).

Once you’ve filled in all the relevant info you’ll checkout.  Your recipient will receive a hand-written gift announcement (inscribed to your recipient from you) with the first book in the series.  The first book will arrive with 8 to 12 days, with additional books arriving at differnt inteverals, depending on which series you select.

If the store happens to pick a title your recipient is not happy with (or already has), they’ll exchange it for another selection at no cost.

Reading is fundamental–and, now, easier than ever.