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Article • January 3, 2011

Give Thanks

Send Handwritten Thank You Notes Without Picking Up A Pen

Saying “thank you” has been an important part of common decency ever since it was popularized by actors during their Oscar acceptance speeches. And even though phone calls, emails or carrier pigeons are the conventional ways to send a message, sending a note through the mail is still the best way to express your gratitude.

To keep your good manners up to snuff, try ThankThank Notes, a service that can turn your typed messages into handwritten thank you notes.

Just type up the thank you message you’d like to send out and fill in your contacts’ information (you can import names and contact information from Outlook, if you need to).

From there, your note is handwritten based on the message template you’ve created and uses your contacts’ names.

They can emulate male and female handwriting styles, and they include your signature – heart dotted ‘i’s’ and all. You can even arrange to use your own stationary.

Your note is then addressed, stuffed in an envelope and affixed with a first class stamp (all done by hand) and then sent on its way. Each note costs $3, and you can send as many as you’d like.

We don’t want to dissuade you from hiring that pilot to skywrite your thank you message, but this seems like a pretty great deal.