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Article • April 22, 2011

Keep a Field Guide on Hand Anytime

Celebrate Earth Day the right way with the National Park Field Guide App

Today is Earth Day, which is the perfect time to remind the rest of the universe that we’re the best planet ever. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some of the best ways you can do some environmental good.

Econsciousmarket sells thousands of ecologically friendly and well-designed products. The only thing we love more than their inventory is that up to 10% of your purchase is donated to a non-profit of your choice at checkout.

Living Walls is the perfect garden alternative for city dwellers with no space for planting. The site offers a guide on how to turn the walls of your home into gorgeous growing plots (or purchase a kit to make your own).

The National Park Field Guide App is the best way to appreciate nature in its grandest form. The free app will help you identify the plants and animals you’ll come across, help you find major sites, or reserve campsites within 50 National Parks.

Using these sites year-round will have a huge impact on the planet. And if that’s not reason enough, we have it on good authority that Captain Planet watches your every move.