A Little Help - Netted
Article • May 6, 2011

A Little Help

Microvolunteer In Your Spare Time

When Team Netted’s not busy winning Jai Alai tournaments or passing along the best of the web, we try to spend time helping others in need. The problem is finding free time for volunteering – the Jai Alai circuit keeps us pretty busy.

Sparked helps us donate our time to worthy causes, even when all we have is a few spare moments. They match your skills with needs from non-profit to create small tasks you can do right from your desk.

They call it “microvolunteering.” It’s the idea that while you might not be able to donate an entire afternoon, you could totally use a few minutes of your “Late Afternoon Facebook Time” to help others.

You can lend a hand with everything from design to web development to tweeting. Breaking down the needs of non-profits into smaller tasks lets entire projects be crowdsourced to microvolunteers like Team Netted.

Everything you do brings us a tiny step closer to solving huge problems. You’ll be helping the world faster than a speeding pelota.