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Article • August 18, 2011

Take Part in the Most Advanced Sleep and Power Nap System

Fall asleep naturally with calming sounds from Pzizz

Our strict nine-cups-of-coffee-a-day regimen is great for getting things done at the office. What isn’t great is staring at the ceiling wide awake as the sun comes up thanks to our caffeine-induced insomnia.

We are finally finding peaceful slumber thanks to Pzizz. It’s a program that combines billions of soothing sounds to help you fall sleep naturally and easily.

The unique soundtrack makes it easier to fall asleep or take a power nap whenever or wherever you need. And Pzizz changes each time you use it, so your subconscious will never become bored of hearing familiar noises.

We’ll admit, we were a bit skeptical, even when we started up the app and the soothing voice began cooing smooth commands at us. We still can’t explain why it works, but we can say it’s effective, even it’s just the placebo effect.

The program is available as an app for iPhone or Android, Mac or as an MP3 download. The lite version of the app starts as low as $1.99, but if you’re a serious insomniac, you can purchase the full-blown Pro version (complete with their noise changing algorithm) for $89.99.

We can’t wait for them to create WPZI, the easiest listening radio station ever.