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Article • September 19, 2011

Scroll Through Craigslist More Productively

Search Craigslist easier with image previews on Craigslist Helper

Craigslist’s layout is so mid-90’s that we can practically hear The Cardigans and Lisa Loeb every time we visit it. And while we appreciate the nostalgic layout, their barebones design has left much to be desired in the way of easy navigation and use.

Enter Craigslist Helper, a simple browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that makes using everyone’s favorite community listing board easier than ever. It allows for more robust searches and wide range of new functions with a few simple clicks.

Installing the add-on completely retools the Craigslist experience. Posts can easily be previewed and bookmarked, you can search multiple Craigslist cities at once, and you can be notified of new ads matching your search to name a few.

Since the add-on is constantly running, there’s no need to do anything except visit the site as you normally would. It’s like someone gave Craigslist a much-needed makeover.

This still doesn’t mean we’re going to stop listening to the Cranberries’ greatest hits while surfing the Internet, though.