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Article • October 7, 2011

Ear Buds

Find Concerts & Share the Experience

For bands across the globe, studios are their training grounds, reviews are their cheers and jeers, and every concert is their gladiatorial arena where they battle to prove they’re not Ashley Simpson or Milli Vanilli.

In order to properly sing the praises of our favorite bands who’ve won the fight, we use Superglued. Their website and their apps for iPhone and Android let you track all of your favorite concerts while planning for your next upcoming favorites.

Things like attending a show and uploading a photo or a set list will earn you points sometimes good for prizes – or you can just use it as your personal concert calendar. It also syncs with just about every social network available so you can spread the love wherever you want to.

And as your love grows, your concert recommendations grow increasingly accurate. That way you never miss your shows or waste money on disappointing sets from poorly trained entertainers.

Whichever lip sync-free champions you choose to back though, be wary: Entering the arena while yelling, “THIS! IS! SPARTA!” will only guarantee seats in security holding cells.