Get It, Got It, Good - Netted
Article • October 21, 2011

Get It, Got It, Good

Play Capture The Flag With Photos

Prior to the invention of the significantly more effective Muon Trap, the most prevalent way to capture a ghost was to encase its soul in a photograph.

Having become obsolete for those purposes, pictures have become mementos and proof of life. And no app is making capturing the whole live world as fun as Capture the Flag. As long as you have an HTML5-capable smartphone with a camera, you can start claiming everything you can capture for the team of your choice.

Points are awarded for the initial photo, with bonus points for the extra networks (like Facebook, Foursquare and so on) you share your photo to. Team Netted joined The Eagles (because America, duh) and has almost single-handedly dragged the team from 15th to 11th place. We’re in the process of stealing all our favorite hangouts from competitors by posting more photos than our competitors.

So pick your side, get to snappin’ and help us prove you ain’t afraid of no ghost.