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Article • September 26, 2012

Fund Healthcare for Those in Need

Donate directly to real patients in need on Watsi

Here in the U.S., politicians continue to debate the future of the American healthcare system.

In other parts of the world, there’s no healthcare to speak of – only the generosity of others.

Enter Watsi, a nonprofit organization that collects donations to directly fund specific life-changing medical treatments for underserved patients in developing countries.

Donations aren’t pooled or put toward the charity’s general operations. Every dollar a person donates goes directly toward the procedure they’ve elected to fund, the majority of which cost less than $2,000.

And so you know exactly where your money’s going, Watsi has one of the most aggressively transparent policies we’ve ever seen from a charity. Seriously. Check out this Google Doc with every patient they’ve ever treated.

That ought to end the donation debate.