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Article • April 17, 2013

Empty Your Wallet of Those Cluttering Rewards Cards

With Belly, there is such a thing as a free lunch

Customer loyalty cards can be cool (heck yes we want a free bagel!).

That is, until your wallet explodes after squeezing in one too many.

Instead of choosing between free bagels and an intact wallet, download Belly, a new customer loyalty app for iPhone and Android that’ll win you your free breakfast (and a lot more) without compromising your moneybag.

Grab the app then head to a participating store (quick count shows close to 4,500 around the United States). Swipe your phone in front of the mounted iPad at checkout and start raking in the rewards.

While your run-of-the-mill punch card might offer you a buy-eight-get-one-free deal, Belly’s stores sport a tiered point structure that lets customers choose the reward that suits them best.

And remember, an uncluttered wallet is a reward in itself.