Swell - Netted
Article • August 5, 2013


Swell Is Like Pandora for Podcasts

Podcasts are great for long journeys – commutes, flights, road trips. Basically stretches of time spent staring out the window.

Whether that sounds relaxing or dreadful to you, we think you’ll find Swell . . . swell. The brand new podcast app for iPhone uses a Pandora-like listening platform to learn what content you like and introduce you to more of it.

Open the app and you automatically have access to content from NPR, ABC News, American Public Media, TED Talks, and more. Start with a particular show or launch a topic stream like news, comedy, business, or sports.

Over time, the app’s algorithm learns what you like. A simple swipe skips to the next podcast, and with every swipe your infinite content stream becomes more and more personalized to your tastes.

Now, if it could just do something about this traffic.