Mitro - Netted
Article • June 30, 2014


Mitro Lets Friends in and Shows Them Out

We know it’s perilous when our passwords are compromised – and yet we still do everything wrong… from writing them on Post Its to sharing them with friends.

It’s time to do right by your passwords with Mitro.

Founded by former Googlers, Mitro is a browser extension – available for Chrome, and beta testing for Safari and Firefox – that safely records your credentials and lets you temporarily lend account access to chosen contacts without actually telling them your passwords (those stay in a heavily encrypted escrow that even Mitro can’t see).

So whether you want to share accounts with coworkers, let friends watch Game of Thrones with your HBO Go login, or put the repair guy on WiFi, Mitro has you covered. Want to revoke someone’s access later? That’s as easy as one click.

Plus with Mitro, you won’t need to worry about remembering (or forgetting) your passwords anymore.

Now… step away from the Post Its.