Use This App to Travel Like a Pro - Netted
Article • November 24, 2014

Use This App to Travel Like a Pro

Quicket, an air travel app for iOS, Android, and Windows, lets you avoid the pitfalls of flying

The first rule of flying: Whatever can go wrong, will. Got a well-timed flight? You’re in Economy Minus. Got a good seat? You’re stuck between three screaming babies.

Attention, passengers: You can now avoid several perils of flying with Quicket, the iOS and Android app that flight-tests your air travel decisions before you board.

Use Quicket to handle every aspect of flying – from ticket purchase (up to three hours before departure time) and on. Tell it what airports you’re flying between and it’ll give you available flights and let you compare by price, airlines, and preferred connections.

Once you’re ticketed, use Quicket to track flights, find your gate, and pick a seat. This is where it gets cool: Quicket has ratings for each seat on every flight, and can even show you if you’ve got Facebook friends or other Quicket users on the same flight.

Some rules were made to be broken.