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Video • July 15, 2016

Best Tools to be a Seasoned Traveler

Travel like a old pro with these 5 tools

How do some people fly and travel with such ease? They have the best tools, duh. Check out these 5 apps, products, and services for traveling like a pro and avoiding a whole lot of hastle.

INTRO: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.

OPENYou’re a seasoned traveler. You have the swagger of George Clooney’s character from Up in the Air and a penchant for tiny bars of soap. Ok, record scratch sound effect, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re like me. I fly a few times a year, usually forget toothpaste, and my, quote, status is usually “brb, making a sandwich”. Thankfully, we have five tools to help.

TRIPOSO: First up, figure out where you’re going and what you want to do there with Triposo. This app culls reviews to help you find the most interesting sights and best restaurants for your next trip.

LILIGO.COM [PARTNER TIP]: Now that you’ve decided where and when to go, search and compare the best travel options, including flights, trains, buses, hotels, you name it, with You know what doesn’t do? Try to sell you anything. No directing you to preferred partners. See every option available and narrow as much or as little as you like.

PACKPOINT: Ok, now it’s time to pack. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind with PackPoint. Type in where you’re headed and for how long. PackPoint builds you a custom checklist of what to bring and how many of each item based on things like local weather and your activities.

RADEN: Now throw that stuff into the smartest suitcase around, Raden. Use the Raden app to track your bag’s location and check its weight. Oh, and with three built-in USB charging ports you’ll never again need to beg the pizza hut cashier to charge your phone.

LUGGAGE FORWARD: Or maybe you’re going on a sups long trip and need more than usual. No worries: ship your luggage ahead of time with Luggage Forward. Sounds a little bougie but with door-to-door pickup and delivery, no weight restrictions, and guaranteed arrival times to over 200 countries, you might as well bring the water skis.

Whatever you do, refrain from watching Flight on your next trip to Chicago. Woof, not fun.

CLOSE: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does