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Guide • July 30, 2015

4 Browser Add-Ons You Need

Soup up your browser with the Honey, Qwote, Toky, and Discoverly extensions
  • Honey

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    If you shop online, you’ve likely scoured the Web for discount codes for various e-retailers. How about using a browser extension instead that finds and applies them for you automatically? Yeah, that sounds better.

  • Qwote

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    You’re reading an article or essay online. There’s a passage that is just so spot on, you wish you could link directly to it, save it forever, and maybe even Tweet about it. That’s why Qwote exists.

  • Toky

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    Phone numbers are a nuisance. So many digits! What if people could call you with a click of a link? Get the Toky Chrome extension and always know when your browser is ringing.

  • Discoverly

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    You interact with so many people each day, how are you expected to remember specific stuff about them? You’re not. Add Discoverly to your browser and it pulls info about your contacts right into your inbox.