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Guide • August 24, 2015

Sleep Better with These 5 Apps and Products

Catch more Zs with Lux, Casper, White Noise, Pillow, and Sleepio
  • Lux

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    Your journey to dreamland starts well before you hit the sack, and the light from phone and computer screens can be a big roadblock. Try Lux for Android, which dims your screen so your brain can power down naturally before bedtime. Mac users can shield their screens with f.lux.

  • Casper

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    The most crucial part of getting a good night’s sleep? Your bed. Casper‘s mattresses are made from premium memory and latex foams—and are cool, breathable, and cozy. Code netted saves you $50 on any mattress, and you can try one free for 100 days.

  • White Noise

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    You’re in bed. The silence is deafening. We’re talking voices-in-your-head, that-shadow-is-definitely-a-dead-relative kind of silence. Kill the creepiness with White Noise for Android and iOS. It plays soothing sounds and lets you buy more or record your own.

  • Pillow

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    Knowing how long you sleep, and how well, can help you get more rest. Pillow for iOS turns your phone into a bed sensor to track your sleeping patterns and delivers the info in easy-to-read charts. It will use that data to set up a smart alarm so you wake recharged.

  • Sleepio

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    If all else fails, it’s time to call in the pros. Sleepio offers personalized sleep therapy from a team of leading sleep scientists. Answer a few questions and this service will give you your sleep profile and offer real solutions for improving your rest.