A Coronavirus Resource Kit - Netted
Guide • April 1, 2020

A Coronavirus Resource Kit

Digital tools to help you stay informed, entertained, and hopeful
  • Coronavirus Relief Fund

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    The global impact of COVID-19 on every aspect of our daily lives has been immediate and powerful. However, it’s left particular people and communities more vulnerable than others. If you are looking for ways to be of service to others, check out the Coronavirus Relief Fund. Put together by Crooked Media, its list of organizations helping those who need it most, like Feeding America (pictured).

  • Libby

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    Amid school closures and social distancing, finding ways to entertain and educate ourselves is hard. The New York Public Library made over 300,000 e-books available for free download to library card holders with the Libby app and iCloud Library, as well as NYPL’s own SimplyE app. There may be a waitlist for popular titles, but there are thousands of other options to choose from if that’s the case.

  • Houseparty

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    Welcome to my house party, party. Social distancing from friends and loved ones is really difficult, but Houseparty makes it easy—and fun. See when friends are online and “party hop” into different conversations. Play games like “Heads Up” and trivia, and casually slip out when you’ve had your fill of social interaction.

  • Coronavirus Concerts

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    Missing the freedom of going to live concerts? Check out the Coronavirus Concerts Instagram page for a daily schedule of when your favorite artists are live streaming concerts from their homes. From Camila Cabello to Jennifer Hudson, to James Blake and Hozier, you’ll be entertained for days.

  • Do Not Touch Your Face

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    When in doubt, just remember one thing: do not touch your face. It’s one of the easiest ways the novel coronavirus spreads, but also an easy habit to avoid with the right support. To help, three technologists created this website that uses a machine learning algorithm to help you train a webcam to recognize when you touch your face, versus when they don’t. Once that’s done, you’ll receive notification alerts every time those fingers graze your face.