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Guide • August 12, 2014

Energize Your Return to Work

7 products and apps to keep you on top of things at the office
  • Bruer

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    Whether you’re working from home or just need a morning jolt before facing the world, you can enjoy café-quality cold brew drip coffee right in your kitchen with this stainless steel and glass coffee maker.

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  • Dash

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    Drivers: You need this plugin that pairs with your phone to transform your car into a smart car. Once enabled, Dash helps you locate the cheapest gas and best mechanics in the area, stay on top of your auto’s health, and can even alert friends, family, and 911 if you’re in an accident.

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  • IVEE

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    Getting back into work mode is easier if you have an alarm clock that doubles as an assistant. While it won’t date you, this device will give you spoken control over every connected device in your home, like thermostats, locks, lights, etc., and will even provide updates on stocks and the weather.

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  • Slack

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    Your company’s internal communications are a mess, but they don’t have to be: This chat app works on any device, integrates tools your team’s already using (Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive, etc.), and lets you share files, images, videos, and more with coworkers – all in one spot. Enjoy.

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  • Go Fucking Do It

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    Excuse our French, but procrastinating is the fucking pits. Crush it with this foul-mouthed goal-achievement site that helps you do what you put your mind to… or makes you pay a price.

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  • FitBolt

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    We’ve all heard the distressing news: Sitting for eight hours a day is bad for your health. But, never fear… you don’t have to quit your job to avoid the perils of a sedentary lifestyle. Instead, try these office-ready exercises, stretches, pointers, and more.

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  • OfficeVibe

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    Okay, if you must be at work, it may as well be sort of fun. Use this team-building, morale-boosting tool to improve the five factors that make for a great workplace: wellness, productivity, social, environment, and generosity.

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