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Guide • September 29, 2016

Be More Productive at Work with These Tools

From managing tasks to getting your own personal (AI) assistant, these picks will keep you on track at the office
  • Scarlet

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    UPDATE: As of October 2016, Scarlet has shut down. Check out a similar Netted favorite, Assist!

    No, it’s not hard to check the weather, or the news, or look at your calendar. But it is hard to keep track of these things 24/7. That’s where Scarlet comes in: This AI personal assistant notifies you at various times of the day and gives you quick audio updates on the weather, news, your schedule, and more.

  • iStock

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    Now that you’re back in “work mode,” it’s time to tackle those creative projects you’ve been putting off since May. For beautiful assets to make your work stand out—including images, vectors, video, and more—look no further than Don’t settle for ordinary images, save 20% on credits until midnight Friday with code SEP20.

  • Doo

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    To-do lists come in many forms: Miles long, scribbled on napkins, nonexistent. But Doo is a new (and more helpful) version. Download this iOS app to turn your tasks into cards and set due dates for them. The app will notify you to get something done, and you swipe to mark it complete or snooze it for later. That’ll help you actually finish all those tasks.

  • Niftio

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    You spend hours making presentations, but all they do is give you a migraine and put your audience to sleep. Try Niftio, a web-based presentation platform with tons of customizable templates. It’s easy to access from any computer, and you can use your phone as a remote control.

  • Escape

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    A work/life balance is key. So is the balance between working and aimlessly browsing the internet. Tip that balance in the right direction with Escape, a Mac app that monitors your browsing habits to show you how often you’re getting lost in Wikipedia black holes (or other distracting places). Note: Escape currently doesn’t support macOS Sierra, but a fix is forthcoming.