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Guide • November 2, 2015

5 Apps for a Perfect Date Night

These 5 apps will help make your date fun and memorable
  • Pose

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    The big night has arrived—but what are you going to wear? Get some inspiration from Pose, a website and app for iOS and Android that gives you access to a whole community of stylish trendsetters. Follow brands and people, check out curated collections on the website, and save items you like to get ideas from their looks.

  • The Bouqs

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    Make it a date to remember by sending a beautiful bouquet from The Bouqs. This company gets its sustainably grown, longer-lasting, bright blossoms straight from the farm. Send a Bouqs bouquet and your next date’s in the bag.

  • Sosh

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    Yeah, dinner and movie is nice, but isn’t that the same date you’ve been going on since the eighth grade? This time try out Sosh, an app for iOS that suggests events and activities based on your interests and even lets you book select events. It’s available now in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, D.C, and Seattle, with more cities coming soon.

  • Bounden

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    So the salsa lessons didn’t quite work out, but you still haven’t let go of your dream of taking your date dancing. Get Bounden, a quirky, two-player game for iOS and Android that will lead you and your partner through a whole series of dances as you try to make your cursor move around a sphere onscreen.

  • Date Night

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    Sometimes the best date means going no further than your couch. The only problem is deciding what to watch once you get there. Date Night will make sure that you and your date are happy with what’s on screen: Just enter in your respective movie picks, and this site will suggest a flick that suits both your styles.