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Guide • February 22, 2016

10 Services to Get Everything Delivered to You

These 10 services will deliver, food, jewelry, clothing, and more to you
  • Rocksbox

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    Don’t be fooled by the rocks that you got. Sign up with Rocksbox and get access to a rotating closet of designer jewelry. Get three pieces per box, wear them as much as you like, and return anytime for more. Netted readers get their first month free with code nettedrocks. (Code expired!)

  • MeUndies

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    Face it: You never remember to buy new underwear until you look down and realize you’re left with more holes than actual fabric. So let the underwear come to you with MeUndies. This underwear is crafted from the coziest fabric around and looks as amazing as it feels.

  • Munchery

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    Sometimes you eat dinner. And sometimes you eat dinner. Make sure you always have something tasty to look forward to at the end of the day with Munchery. Browse the daily menu of chef-prepared meals, snacks, desserts, and more and get your food delivered same-day, or schedule a delivery up to a week in advance.

  • The Edit

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    Record stores are great—if you like the smell of dust and listening to the owner talk about how he toured with Aerosmith in the ‘70s. But if you’re just trying to get a fresh press of Kind of Blue, sign up for The Edit. Get vinyl recommendations, purchase records, and get them shipped directly to you, all via SMS. Rock on.

  • Doorman

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    You missed the UPS guy for the third time, and you know what that means. The cashmere sweater you’ve been dreaming about has gone where all neglected packages go—um, nobody knows. If you’re in Chicago, SF, or NYC, use Doorman, which collects your packages and delivers them to you when you’re home for just $3.99 per parcel. Plus, Netted readers get their first two packages free with code netted. (Code expired!)

  • Function of Beauty

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    Take a good look inside your shower. Grab the crusty bottle of Mane ‘n Tail and recall that this shampoo was originally developed for horses. Then hop onto Function of Beauty, fill out your hair profile and fragrance preferences, and get a custom-made shampoo and conditioner set delivered to you. Netted readers get $5 off a set here (Code expired!).

  • Ipsy

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    Some things have to be tried on before you know what they look like. Beauty products? Umm, yeah. Ipsy, from YouTube’s Michelle Phan, will send you personalized samples and full-sized beauty products each month. Discover your new favorite lipstick or moisturizer at just $10/month.

  • Woodies

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    Guys, be honest: You know the dress shirts your mom bought you at the mall six years ago are not cutting it anymore. Try Woodies to get custom-made shirts that are guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Choose your patterns, customize their look, give your measurements, and get a major closet upgrade delivered in the mail. Netted readers get 20% off an order with code Netted. (Code expired!)

  • Nicely Noted

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    When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter? If “camp, 5th grade” is your answer consider signing up for Nicely Noted. This service will send you three beautiful handmade cards, envelopes, and pretty stamps each month. Make your friends and family have all the feels. Plus, Netted readers receive 20% off their first month with code SNAILMAIL. (Code expired!)

  • Imperfect Produce

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    You’re perfect just the way you are. Help prevent food waste, support local farmers, and save on produce with Imperfect Produce (available in the San Francisco Bay Area only). Sign up for weekly deliveries of perfectly fresh fruits and veggies that grocery stores rejected on weird cosmetic standards. Hand me that crooked carrot.