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Guide • November 17, 2016

Get Deals and Steals on Holiday Gifts

Save big on your gifts this holiday season with these 7 apps and websites
  • Raise

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    Don’t you just love finding a gift card buried deep in a drawer? It feels like free money. Have that feeling every time with Raise, a website and app (iOS + Android) where you can buy gift cards to thousands of retailers at discounted prices. Umm, yes please.

  • DealNews

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    Yes, it’s the thought that counts. But you can be thoughtful and save cash. Check DealNews for the best deals on the internet. And we do mean the best: Since 1997, they’ve only listed the lowest prices from reputable companies. Don’t miss out. Sign up to get Black Friday deals sent straight to your inbox.

  • Vinyl Loop

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    Your big brother taught you about Kate Bush, Sonic Youth, and The Smashing Pumpkins. And now you’re a cool person. Congrats. Return the favor with the gift of new vinyl from Vinyl Loop. Sign up and the website will give you access to the lowest prices on new releases. *Record scratch*

  • SnipSnap

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    Your grandma used cut out coupons to save, and you can too (minus the scissors). SnipSnap updates coupons for the 21st century. Browse coupons in the app, or upload your own by taking a pic. Then scan at the register to get your discount, and make your grandma proud.

  • Spoil

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    Sometimes you just have to treat yo self. Or rather, spoil someone you love. With iOS app Spoil, you can send beautiful gifts, same-day, anywhere in the US with one click. Think hand-delivered cupcakes, flowers, or macarons. You just got brownie points.

  • Shopular

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    If you need a little something more to sell you on the whole coupon lifestyle, Shopular might do the trick: It curates daily and weekly deals based on your favorite stores, and will even send you coupons when you’re near a store. It also syncs with Ebates for cash-back rewards, and you can make purchases through the app, too.

  • Bag Borrow or Steal

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    You want to gift some designer threads and still pay rent this month. No problem—go to Bag Borrow or Steal to score gently used, brand new, and vintage designer handbags, shoes, and more at steep discounts. And when people ask where on earth you got that vintage Louis Vuitton duffel, you can just say you have your sources. We won’t tell.