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Guide • July 20, 2016

11 Apps and Services for Saving Money while Shopping

Both online and in real life, these apps and sites will help you find deals and save money
  • Wikibuy

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    When you think “online shopping,” you probably think “Amazon.” While Amazon definitely has an iron grip on online retail (and possibly the entire world?), it turns out it’s not always the cheapest. Install the Wikibuy extension, and it’ll automatically alert you if you can find a better price somewhere else.

  • Grana

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    Feeling and looking good in your daily attire usually comes at a high price. But that’s not true with Grana: a site that sells luxury-quality essentials for a fraction of what you’d usually pay. That’s because Grana believes in high-quality clothing but not in high markups. Plus? You’ll save 10% with code: netted. (code expired!)

  • Hamlet

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    Napping on the couch—fantastic. Finding a couch that fits your décor and pricepoint—a giant pain. Not so with Hamlet. Send a text and a concierge will help you find the furniture and decor items you’re looking for. Checkout on their mobile-friendly site, and get the item shipped to you. Welcome to the future: You now can find a new couch without ever leaving your old one.

  • The Camelizer

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    Camels are kinda strange, right? They smell weird; they spit a lot. But The Camelizer is a camel we’re cool with: Install this browser extension, and it’ll show you the price history of any item on Amazon, so you can tell if you’re getting a deal or not. You can also set up a price alert and make your purchase at just the right time.

  • Filler Item

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    Here’s another Amazon hack for you. Let’s say you’ve got your cart, but you’re a few bucks short of the minimum for free shipping. Head to Filler Item, enter the amount you’re short, and you get a list of items near that price that qualify for free shipping. Add one and get the whole load brought to your door for free. That’s shopping like a pro.

  • Paribus

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    Am I doing this right? Is this the right time to buy? Rest assured knowing you’re always paying the best price with Paribus. Whenever a price drops or you miss a deal, Paribus files a price adjustment, scoops up the difference, and sends it your way.

  • Gone

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    You’re wild about electronics. (Us too.) But you’re not wild about their prices. (Us either.) So try shopping through Gone. All items in their marketplace are fully inspected and the condition is guaranteed. Remove the mystery and replace it with peace of mind.

  • Hooch

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    As the saying goes: a drink a day keeps the doctor away, right? Download Hooch, the first membership cocktail app, for iOS and Android, and get one daily drink at local bars for just $10/month. Some things aren’t too good to be true.

  • PriceBlink

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    Store loyalty can be good, but getting the lowest price is even better. Add PriceBlink to your browser and when viewing a product, the add-on will automatically scan thousands of other merchants for lower prices. You’re covered.

  • ShipGooder

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    There’s more than one way to skin a cat… and to ship. Compare shipping rates from a host of major carriers and find the best price for your specific item with ShipGooder. Why pay more than you need to when shipping Aunt Jan that bday sweater?

  • Shoptivity

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    Shoptivity has shut down, but there are plenty of other great shopping tools out there. We recommend Shoptagr, which you can read about here.