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Guide • December 2, 2015

9 Tech Gifts for Photo Enthusiasts

9 gifts for the shutterbug on your list
  • Polaroid Snap

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    Polaroid photography is enjoying a cultural renaissance, but not everyone has a vintage Polaroid camera. No worries—the Polaroid Snap updates instant photography for the 21st century. It prints 2×3″ photos instantly, and also lets you save them to a Micro SD card for digital sharing. Netted subscribers get 20% off a Snap carrying pouch here with code CASESNAP (Code expired!).

  • Backblaze

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    One of the most essential things a photographer needs? Storage. Backblaze is the best cloud storage solution for backing up photos and much more. It’s $5/month for unlimited storage. Everything is encrypted (so, super secure), you can set auto-backups, and more. Plus it starts with a free trial.

  • Moment Lens

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    Your photographer pals are taking pretty sweet shots with their phones alone. But imagine the potential when they slap on a Moment lens. It’s available in a wide angle lens for landscape shots, a telephoto lens for zooming in from afar, and a macro lens for getting up close. Whichever you choose, photographers will love their high-quality optics and precision craftsmanship. Moment lenses are 20% off until 12/2, and Netted subscribers get 10% off a lens with code Netted10 starting on 12/3 (Code expired!).

  • Montage

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    Taking photos is nice. Flipping through photos in a gorgeous, customized book made from eco-friendly Italian leather is even nicer. And the perfect gift. Montage by Mixbook lets you pick from several themes and build a beautiful book in 5 minutes. Save 30% now with this link and get it in under a week.

  • Joby GorillaPod

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    Remember that “perfect shot” we mentioned earlier? Yeah, it’s hard to achieve perfection when you can’t keep your camera still. That’s where the Joby GorillaPod comes in: Unlike human limbs, its flexible legs will bend to grab onto anything and hold your camera steady. You can get free shipping on a GorillaPod from now through 12/25 (Offer expired!).

  • Octomask

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    So the photographer on your list is more the cliff-diving, shipwreck-exploring type, and she always packs her GoPro? We’ve got something she’ll love. The Octomask is a diving mask fitted with a GoPro mount, and it’s a must-have for any underwater adventurer.

  • iOgrapher

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    If you know someone who’s up to his eyeballs in microphones and lenses, the iOgrapher case makes a great gift. It’s a case with hand grips that works as a shooting platform for your phone, GoPro, and all kinds of gadgets. It’s even compatible with fancy DSLR lenses, so he can actually use all that gear at once.

  • Toshiba FlashAir III

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    What happened to those photos from the whale watching trip? Oh yeah, they went overboard along with the SD card. Whoops. The Toshiba FlashAir III wireless SD card can help you avoid such disasters. It has its own wireless connection and can share photos instantly on up to seven different devices at once—no WiFi required.

  • TriggerTrap Mobile Kit

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    We have a saying here at Netted: Things get better when you attach a phone to them (OK, we just said that for the first time). The TriggerTrap Mobile Kit proves us right—it connects your phone to your DSLR and allows you to shoot everything from time-lapse videos to high-speed stills. Netted subscribers get 10% off a purchase at the TriggerTrap online store with code INTHENET10.