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Guide • November 21, 2016

These 8 Apps and Services Make Everyday Life Easier

From your next meal to your next purchase, these picks will help you get things done more easily
  • Alfred

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    Laundry? Ugh. Grocery shopping? Yuck. Picking up your socks off the living room floor? Yeah, like you have time for that. But Alfred does—sign up for this service to get a personal assistant who’ll stop by every week to tidy up your apartment, grab your groceries, take care of packages, and more.

  • Blue Apron

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    One of the hardest things to do on a regular basis: cook healthy meals. Blue Apron takes the stress out of dinner by shipping you the perfect amount of ingredients for easy-to-make, nutritious dinners. Tailor your menu to your taste, and let the ingredients and recipes come to you. Get $32 off your first order with our link.

  • Wingz

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    Getting to the airport, the football game, the Bon Jovi concert—all kind of a nightmare, right? Not if you have a personal driver. Get on Wingz to schedule rides to big events, and a driver will meet you at an exact time and place. Better yet, you can request specific drivers, so you know you’ll ride with someone who uses turn signals and doesn’t smell like cheese.

  • Elizabeth and Clarke

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    As the seasons change, so should your wardrobe. If the mere thought of updating your closet for winter gives you shivers, get acquainted with Elizabeth and Clarke, a subscription box service that’ll send you a selection of high-quality blouses and shirts every three months. Keep your closet in shape without ever setting foot in the mall.

  • Furnishr

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    Sure, it would be nice if you could just wake up and your empty guest room would be furnished, but life just isn’t that—actually, that can happen. Browse curated “rooms” of furniture on Furnishr, choose one, and get all the pieces delivered and assembled in your home. Decorating your space couldn’t be easier.

  • Magic

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    David Blaine is pretty darn good at magic… or is it illusions? Who knows. Even more impressive than Mr. Blaine is Magic, an SMS service that’ll help get you anything you need, on demand. Dinner delivered to your house or a helicopter to the airport? Consider it done.

  • Shyp

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    So you want to mail your vintage banjo across the country. Nice! Sorting out how to properly pack, insure, ship, and where to drop off? Not so nice. Use Shyp, an app for iOS and Android that’ll arrange pick up, custom packing, and find you the best rates across all carriers. Phew.

  • Pager

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    You grabbed the scalding frying pan without thinking. Eek. Skip the lines and crazy bills at urgent care and give Pager a try (it’s muuuch more affordable). Chat with a nurse for free and request a doctor to your home in minutes. Get stitched up, treated for your flu, even vaccinated. The doctor will see you now.

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    But wait, there are even more ways to improve your life with technology. Take a look through our Everyday Upgrades Guide for apps and products that help with everything from watching TV to brushing your teeth.