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Guide • October 12, 2015

Control Your Home from the Palm of Your Hand

9 products and apps to control your home from your phone
  • SnapPower

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    We’ll start things off with something simple but very useful: SnapPower outlet covers. Bring your electrical outlets into the 21st century with these easy-to-install covers with a built-in USB port to charge all your gadgets.

    Available at$20 each. Get 10% off w/code NETTED.

  • SimpliSafe

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    Your top priority: securing your home. The best way to do that is SimpliSafe, the home security system you can monitor from your phone. With an easy self-installation system, no annual contracts, and your own handheld command center, it’s the simplest way to stay safe and rest easy.

    Available at, $14.99/month.

  • Zuli

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    Your home has a lot of stuff plugged in. Now you can turn anything electrical into a smart appliance with Zuli plugs. Stick them into any wall outlet, and they’ll let you control whatever’s plugged in via the Zuli app. Better yet, group the plugs in rooms and they’ll learn to track your presence to automatically turn things on and off.

    Available at, $59.99 each.

  • Keen Home

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    Keeping your place at the right temperature can be a giant pain, but Keen Home makes it easy: Just install these smart air vents in place of your normal vents, and you can control and monitor their airflow right from your phone. Right now they work through the Smart Things hub, but Keen Home will have its own app available in the next few weeks.

    Available at, $79. Get $25 off a Keen Home vent w/code NETTED.

  • Perfect Bake

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    If you love baked goods but not the hassle of actually baking them, Perfect Bake might change your attitude. This scale and app work seamlessly together to help you accurately measure ingredients so you can whip up tasty treats with ease.

    Available at, $49.99.

  • MyQ

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    Admit it, you have a rough relationship with your garage door. You threw tennis balls at it to practice your backhand. It locked you out of the house. You broke its windows. Now you can patch things up with the Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener. It attaches to your existing garage door hardware and allows you to open and close your door from your phone.

    Available at, $129.99.

  • Petcube

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    No smart home is complete without something for its furrier members. Try out Petcube, a small camera that connects to your phone so you can monitor your pets while you’re out of the house. It also includes a microphone and speaker so you can listen and talk to your pet, and even has a laser pointer—because what’s a better office distraction than virtually playing with your cat?

    Available at, $199.

  • Ring

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    Knock knock. Who’s there? Ring, the new smart doorbell, and it’s going to save you from ever having to knock again. With its doorbell camera and companion app, Ring lets you see and speak to whoever’s at the door right from your phone. It will even alert you if it detects motion near your door, so you’ll know if your creepy neighbor is snooping around your front porch.

    Available at, $199.

  • Rachio

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    So you’ve given your house a major upgrade, but why stop there? Your lawn needs one too, and Rachio will deliver. It’s a smart sprinkler system that works with your current hardware to let you control when you water your lawn and how much water it gets. That means you can keep things green and save some green while you’re at it.

    Available at, $249 for an 8-zone sprinkler system.

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