Get Around Without the Hassle - Netted
Guide • August 12, 2015

Get Around Without the Hassle

Honk, Transit App, Ek, and Spinlister improve your commute
  • Honk

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    You’ve got your own set of wheels—lucky you! That also means those wheels can conk out at any time (unlucky you!). Get Honk for roadside assistance in a snap.

  • Transit App

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    If subways and buses are more your speed, let Transit be your guide. It has routing info on 100+ transit systems worldwide, so you can travel like a seasoned straphanger even if you’re far away from home.

  • Ek

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    Trying to hail your own ride? Try Ek, which lets you compare prices and wait times for local taxis, Uber cars, and a variety of other ride-sharing services.

  • Spinlister

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    But don’t forget the bike: Spinlister lets you rent bikes from local owners for a few hours or even a week at a time. Find bikes near you, book a ride, and you’re off.