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Guide • March 30, 2016

8 Apps and Sites for Getting Dressed

Organize your closet and dress better with these 8 apps and websites
  • Cluise

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    Yes, we know you love your Hawaiian shirt, but it’s not the best option for your business meeting. Cluise will make sure you always head out dressed for the occasion. Snap pics to catalog your wardrobe, categorize garments by pattern and cut, and even tap a button to get an outfit generated for you.

  • Grana

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    Hot tip: Getting dressed is actually enjoyable with a closet full of clothing from Grana. From tees and sweats, to cashmere and silk, Grana sells luxury-quality essentials for men and women, crafted from the world’s best fabrics, at affordable prices. Order online and they ship straight to you. Get free international shipping w/code Netted through 4/19 (Code expired!).

  • Stylebook

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    From the looks of it, your closet is full of clothing. And yet you have “nothing to wear.” Stylebook fixes that. Snap and catalogue photos of the clothes you have, and Stylebook (iOS) helps you put together and pre-plan outfits. You’ll also get stats on what you wear the most.

  • FY

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    OK, let’s say you’re dressed and looking amazing (wow you smell great, too). Next up? Accessorizing. FY is your gateway to every awesome accessory you won’t find in stores—from unique scarves and jewelry to tech accessories and more. Browse FY’s iOS app for a personalized daily feed of new stuff. Plus, Netted readers get 20% off their first purchase when you download the app here.

  • Pick My Style

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    Sometimes getting dressed requires a second opinion. Preferably one from online strangers who aren’t afraid to be honest. That’s what the community on Pick My Style (iOS and Android) is for. Upload photos of two outfits you’re choosing between, or a style you’re not sure about, and put it to a vote.

  • Valet

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    There’s more to getting dressed than having the right clothing. You also have to keep yourself and your wardrobe in tip-top shape. For dudes, that’s a lot easier with Valet (iOS and Android) in your pocket. Valet keeps a catalogue of the best services near you, like dry cleaners, tailors, and barbers; plus shopping and grooming tips, and more.

  • Cloth

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    Those velvet pants aren’t a good match for this rain (whether they’re a good match for anything is a conversation for a different day). With Cloth for iOS, you can catalogue your outfits based on weather conditions so you know what to wear at a moment’s notice. You’ll even get a wake-up notification with the weather and your best outfit for it.

  • Goat

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    Now how about those kicks? If you’re a sneakerhead, stick Goat in your pocket. This app for iOS and Android is a marketplace that lets people buy and sell rare sneakers. Shop for those Jordans you couldn’t get your hands on before and buy in the app to make sure your closet has footwear for every occasion. Authenticity is guaranteed.

  • Everyday Upgrades Guide

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    Now that your wardrobe is in tip-top shape, how about upgrading your everyday essentials? Our guide helps with that.