Graduation Guide 2012 - Netted
Guide • May 18, 2012

Graduation Guide 2012

11 tools you need to ease into the real world
  • Resumonk

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    The world is your oyster and Resumonk is your shucking knife. Whether your resume is rough or nonexistent, build a new one with lovely templates and PDF exporting.

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  • Huntsy

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    Applying for jobs at no end is the kind of purgatory we wish on no one. But Huntsy has a bookmarklet to automatically import and track your filed applications.

  • Fortnighter

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    Since wearing your backpack to work is generally frowned upon, make plans to go backpacking with Fortnighter. Their vacation itineraries are the perfect graduation gift.

  • Sparked

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    There’s only so many ways to break up the monotony of the application process, and Hulu isn’t really helping anyone. Instead, use your talents to microvolunteer.

  • ResumUP

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    The résumé hasn’t really changed since its inception. But sign in with your LinkedIn or Facebook account and ResumUP generates a cool visual employment history.

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  • The Wisdom of Others

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    Instead of another copy of Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, crowdsource a hardbound book full of personalized insights.

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  • Minted

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    For parents: new stationary to thank everyone for coming and the best wishes. For graduates: unique stationary for the next big step, whatever it may be.

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  • Vittana

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    Maybe you’re paying your own loan already, but paying it forward with a microloan starts at about $25. That’s about four beers to help a fellow student earn their degree.

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  • Lumosity

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    Training your brain with four years of essays and deep thought turned it into a professional muscle builder. Take it to the gym with custom workouts designed specifically to improve your memory and attention.

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  • Snap Goods

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    In the grand scheme of a new apartment or job, stocking up on every shiny new thing probably isn’t the best idea.  Rent stuff you might not need or loan the excess.

  • Mingly

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    We know a lot of people, but also forgot most things about them. This Gmail plugin (and dashboard) contextualizes your emails with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter synchronization.